Jesture AI SDK

Real-time AI camera motion capture for immersive gaming.


Use AI to make

immersive gaming accessible

Jesture AI SDK is for content creators and game developers.

VR and Nintendo Wii experience made accessible for gamers on PC/Mobile. 

No sensors, controllers required. Camera device is all you need.

Hands tracking

  • Use static hand gestures recognition for your game

  • Add custom gestures recognition with developer-friendly tool

  • Real-time CPU Dual-Core i5 / GPU

Body pose tracking

  • Use body pose tracking

  • Recognise gamers actions

  • Real-time CPU i7 / GPU

Dynamic gestures

  • Use dynamic gestures recognition

  • Real-time CPU Dual-Core i5 / GPU

Use Jesture AI SDK with


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See Jesture AI SDK in Action


The first fantasy-themed fighting game controlled with bare hands.

2021-02-02а 16.02.56.jpg

Arman Tsaturyan

Co-Founder, CEO

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Ilya Zakharkin
Co-Founder, CTO


Daria Trinitatova
Senior Unity Developer


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